The Best Rooftop Tents for You and Your Family

The Active Life is the only place you need to go to find the best in Rooftop Tents for whatever you are looking to do. Discover how much easier it is to stay off the ground when you camp.

Stay Ahead of and Above the Rest in a Rooftop Tent

Choose the right model with plenty of headroom add a thick, comfortable foam mattress, and enjoy the benefits of a roof top tent. Turn your vehicle into a cozy bed-on-wheels in just minutes.

Camping off the ground means you can kiss sleeping on cold, uneven, bumpy ground goodbye. Not to mention the incredible views, a cleaner tent, and a better night’s sleep, you get when you sleep above it all.untitled-1.jpg

Plus, you get less creepy crawly uninvited guests in you tent. The Heavy duty canvas also provides more protection from the elements like wind, rain, or hail. So rest assured no matter the weather, you will never have to take a rain check on staying warm and cozy during your outdoor adventures.

Get Ready Faster & Stay Longer

A rooftop tent is ideal for weekenders or avid overlanders. A roof top tent gives you the freedom to hit the road and camp anywhere you can park in just minutes.

That means you spend more time relaxing with friends and family, and less time wrestling with tent poles, sleeping bags, air mattresses, and the like.

Remember when camping was fun? It can be again with your rooftop tent. Shop for exactly what you want now.


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